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A Brief Guide to Devonian

Thinking about your next trip to North Devon? You’ll need to learn the lingo! Here’s our quick guide to some old school Devonian words – you’ll be like one of the locals in no time.


Chiggy pig

Meaning: woodlouse

Use it: ‘There’s a chiggy pig in this tent!’



Meaning: tourists

Use it: ‘Look at all those grockles’



Dusk at Croyde beach

Meaning: twilight or dusk, or the typical light at this time

Use it: ‘It’s beautiful when the sky gets dimpsy’


God’s cow

Meaning: ladybird or ladybug

Use it: ‘There’s a little God’s cow over here’


Gurt noodle

Meaning: acting silly

Use it: ‘He’s very gurt noodle this afternoon’



Bumblebee on a flower

Meaning: bumblebee

Use it: ‘Can you see those drumbeldrones buzzing around the flowers?’

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